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Selecting a surfboard depends on

  • your level
  • your weight
  • your height
  • and the type of the waves

For beginners the best surfboard is a Malibu (length depending on body weight: 7'3''-8'4''). So you catch waves more easily. It is quite stable and not as hard to handle as a longboard, and it is also easier to reach the line up, i.e. the area where you catch the waves. For beginners starting from scratch it is important to know that after a few weeks you usually requires a somewhat shorter minimalibu. Remember that a good surf school always provides the correct and complete set of equipment available to its students, and it should be included in the class price.

Malibu surfboard by Full & Cas · SURF SCHOOL "surfnsoul.com"

When you know how to surf along the wall of the wave you can change to an Evolution E-Evo (length depending on body weight: 6'9''-7'4''), the perfect board for intermediates who want to have a lot of fun.

E-Evo surfboard by Full & Cas · SURF SCHOOL "surfnsoul.com"

When you know how to surf smooth turns, you can switch to an Evolution E-CHS (length according to your weight: 6'0''-6'8''), it is a moderate shortboard for those who start with a shortboard.

E-CHS surfboard by Full & Cas · SURF SCHOOL "surfnsoul.com"

Before buying a real shortboard, you should master the Evolutiva E-EVO or Evolutiva E-CHS in different types of waves. Pronounced bottom turns and top turns should no longer be a problem for you.

Shortboad surfboard by Full & Cas · SURF SCHOOL "surfnsoul.com"

Semi Guns are special surfboards for powerful waves from 2 meters. However, the appropriate surfboard for the real Big Waves is the Full Gun.

Gun surfboard by Full & Cas · SURF SCHOOL "surfnsoul.com"

A traditional style of surfing is practised with the longboard, which allows you to catch the waves very early and follow them when they have almost no wall. However, it is not suitable for beginners, because it is more difficult to ride waves, control vertical balance and make turns.

Longboard by  Full & Cas · SURF SCHOOL "surfnsoul.com"

By the way, for surfboards the English measurements feet (abbreviation: ' ) and inches (abbreviation: '' ) are generally used. One foot corresponds to 30.5 cm and one inch to 2.54 cm. A foot is 12 inches, as it is not a decimal system.

On the website of Full & Cas you will find further information on the different surfboard shapes.

Custom Made Surfboards by Full & Cas · SURF SCHOOL "surfnsoul.com"

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