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Frequently asked questions

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Information · Booking · Payment

Can I call you by phone?

Of course, you can call me at +34 699 924 009

And don't worry! You don't need to speak Spanish. I speak English and will be the only one answering the phone.


How far in advance should I book?

Depends on the season you want to do the course in. For July and August you need to sign up early (if possible before the end of May), but sometimes you could be in luck as there still could be places available just before the start. For the rest of the year usually you can book in short notice.


How do booking and payments work?

1. After your booking at www.go.surfnsoul.com you will receive a confirmation of course registration with my bank account via email.

2. Then, within 3 days and in case of a booking between 1 and 7 days before beginning of courses immediatelyafter receiving the confirmation of course registration, you have to transfer the amount for the surf course (and if applicable the deposit for accommodation) into the account indicated in the confirmation mail.


Where can I book the surf lessons?

Please always use the booking form in this website.


Can I also book a surf course by email?

For booking please always use the booking form in this website.


Can I book a surf course in small group as a single person?

There are courses in small groups from June to September. Of course, you can book all these courses as a single person.

Otherwise I offer One-to-one surf lessons from Easter to October (dates to be agreed at info.surfnsoul.com).

Please find more information and prices at dates.surfnsoul.com.


I first want to see if I like the classes. Can I sign up at the surf school in person?

Of course you can also sign up in person here, if there are any open spaces, but less frequent in high season. On the other hand it is not possible to find out if surfing is for you, neither through looking nor trying it, but only by mastering the first steps of standing surfing ... and to learn this you need a few days...


Requisites · Age of the participants · Levels · Preparation

What requirements are there to learn how to surf?

Everyone can learn how to surf. The only requirements are: know how to swim and be in good health.


We are several people with different levels. Can we do the surf course together?

Because there are never more than 6 people in a group, I'm able to attend every person individually. So, even if the participants have different levels, that's no problem.


We are several people with kids and adults. Can we do the surf course together?

At the request of many families I offer surf lessons for kids & families. Because there are never more than 6 people in a group, I'm able to attend every kid and every adult individually. So, even if the participants have different ages, that's no problem.


At what age can I start with the surf lessons?

Kids from the age of 6 years old can participate in my surf lessons.

Kids learn in a different way than that of adults. Instead of analyzing the movements in their heads first, they simply start trying it. Whatever works, they’ll try again and thus gradually approaching their goal. In my surf school I support them in their exploration through methods suitable for kids as a practical task that will guide them on the right track ...

At the request of many families I offer surf lessons for kids & families. Because there are never more than 6 people in a group, I'm able to attend every kid and every adult individually. So, the parents who, in the future, would want to share a fun hobby with their children, should join us for surf classes for kids & parents ...

Of course, the kids can also participate in my surf courses without parents.


I’m not so young anymore. Can I learn how to surf?

Of course, if you know how to swim and you are a bit sportive you too can learn how to surf. I’ve taught an ample amount of people over the age of 50+ how to surf, and some of them return every year to keep on learning, keep fit and above all to have a lot of fun ...

My oldest student is 73 years old and does not think in stop surfing at all!


I had a disc hernia. Can I learn how to surf?

It depends on many factors, such as the degree, the area and the current state of the hernia. In principle, surfing strengthens muscles that protect the spine and improves the metabolism of the intervertebral discs. In reality, while surfing there may arise situations that requires uncontrolled movements. Therefore in this case it may be advisable to first go for good physical therapy to avoid inconvenience. Only a good doctor who knows your case can make a definite decision.


How do I prepare myself for the surf course?

To enjoy your holiday from the start and have extra stamina for safety, it is beneficial to prepare yourself physically before your holiday, eg swimming (even better: paddling in prone position a surfboard in a lake, river or pool), diving and practicing skateboard.


Surf course contents

Where can I find information about the surf lessons?

By clicking the following link: Surf lessons


In which language will the surf lessons be held?

I'm able to give the surf lessons in English, German, Spanish and French. So I speak with every person in his native language, provided that it is one of the mentioned languages.


Do I have to attend theory classes in the surf course?

As a general rule I give the priority to training, of course without neglecting covering the important issues for training and safety, each integrated into the teaching and practice whenever you need to advance. If a group wants to know more about anything theoretical, of course it is also possible.


Am I going to learn anything safety in surfing?

Of course, in the course you learn all you have to know about safety, integrated into the teaching and practice whenever you need to advance.


Start, timetable and duration of the surf courses

How many hours do I need to learn how to surf? 10 hours are enough or it is better to do 20 hours?

There are great differences between individuals on how much time one needs to learn how to surf the first waves standing. Most of surf course participants learn in 10 hours how to paddle for the wave, to stand up and to keep standing a few meters. After 20 hours a lot of beginners already succeed in surfing broken waves until the shore. So it's advisable to do at least a 20 hours surf course!

Safety note: Also at risk are those who surf on their own without having altogether accomplished the contents of the Beginner and Basic Course.


Are there surf lessons throughout the year?

There are courses in small groups from 24.05.2021 - 01.10.2021.

Otherwise I offer surf lesson in mini group (2 - 4 people) and One-to-one surf lessons from 01.01.2021 - 31.12.2021.

Please find more information and prices at dates.surfnsoul.com.


Can I still get in a surf course on the second day?

The surf courses start every Monday. Of course, you also can get in the course on Tuesday. In this case I would try to let you do the missed hours in another group, provided that there is another course with free places. Understandably I'm not able to give you any guarantee for it.


Surf equipment

Is the surf equipment included in the course price or do I have to rent it?

Of course, all prices include surfboard, wetsuit and surfwax during the surf lessons.


Do I need a wetsuit?

If you need a wetsuit, depending on each person and especially on the month. In July, August and September there are always people who prefer to surf without wetsuit. Of course, whenever you want, you can put a wetsuit on which is always available to my clients.


I already have a wetsuit. Could I use it in the surf lessons?

If you already have one it is advisable to use your own, because it probably fits you better than the surf school wetsuit as it has a standard shape to accommodate different body shapes.


Can I use the surf equipment out of the surf lessons?

If two hours per day is not enough for you, of course, you can do more, e.g. 2 x 2 hours per day.

You can rent surf equipment, if you master the skills and knowledge listed below:

  • surf standing
  • stop
  • divert
  • right of way and safety

Renting is only possible when sea conditions allow unsupervised surfing and the equipment is not needed for surf lessons. Therefore you can only rent directly from the surf school and not through the internet.


How to arrive?

Where can I get information about how to arrive?

Arrive to Cantabria by car, motorbike, ferry or airplane.

Please find detailed information how to arrive here ...


Are there well-priced flights to Cantabria?

You will find well-priced flights to Santander at Ryanair.com



Where do the surf lessons take place?

The surf school is based in Cantabria, Spain, on the northern Coastline about 60 km to the west of Santander. The surf lessons take place on the beaches of the Natural Park of Oyambre. Beautiful beaches with fantastic waves fill the hearts of the surfers with enthusiasm. Here you can sit at the line-up, waiting for your next wave, enjoying the views of the National Reserve Park Picos de Europa at proximity of 30 km.

Whenever the waves are too, or the wind blows in the wrong direction, it is not necessary to look far for another surf spot to enjoy the surf, which normally happens in many places. Due to the varying shape of the coastline there is almost always a close alternative choice with good waves.

Please find here detailed information about the location ...


Where can I find information about the surf course location?

Please find here detailed information about the surf course location ...


Do I need a car?

Here you can also enjoy your holiday without a car, provided you do not have problems with walking a few kilometers or taking a taxi.

Another alternative would be to rent a bike.

On the other hand there is a bus station in San Vicente de la Barquera, where three bus companies go to Cabezon de la Sal, Santander, Bilbao, San Sebastian, Irún, Llanes, Oviedo, Gijón, Burgos, Madrid and the Picos de Europa.

But if you intend to do many excursions you are more comfortable in a car. At Santander Airport you will also find several car rental companies:



Waves · Weather

What happens in case of no waves?

Normally there are always waves here. Small one day and big on a another, but only very rarely is it not possible to surf. And if ever the waves are too high or the wind comes from the wrong direction it is not necessary to stop enjoying the surf, as normally happens in many places. Due to the varying shape of the coastline there is almost always a good close alternative.

And if ever we have to suspend a class because of lack of waves or exceptional sea conditions do not allow safe surfing, I will try to recover the classes that are suspend as far as it is possible. But understand that due to the unpredictable weather, I cannot guarantee it.


June and September are good months for surfing, or it's too cold then?

Normally in June and September there are good waves. Water and air temperatures are favourable and the beaches still / already empty. Villages, meadows, mountains and sea are filled with magical sunsets. Therefore, June and September are the most beautiful months in which to learn how to surf.



Which type of accommodation do you offer?
Where can I find information about accommodation?

There are no big hotels or towerblocks here to be found. Instead there are wide open spaces with a clear-view coastline. There are charming little hotels, apartments, B&B's and campingsites that blends in beautifully with their surroundings.

For the period from June to September and Easter Week it's advisable to book as soon as possible, as most bookings are made already at Christmas. The rest of the year normally it's possible to find it on the spot.

Please find here detailed information about accommodation ...

The best accommodations you can easily book together with your surf course booking ...


Can I book an accommodation, even if I don't want to do a surf course?

Exclusively for the participants of my surf courses I offer a free accommodation booking service (at least one surf course participant per room, two per apartment). So if you want to sign up for a surf course, you can book your accommodation together with your surf course booking ...


How do I organize my meals and food. Are there any shops in close vicinity?

Many of my course participants shop to cook at their accommodation or go to restaurants.

All the apartments and bungalows (Hotel Gerra Mayor, Guesthouse Granada, Guesthouse Los Llaos, Guesthouse Oyambre et Camping El Rosal) have kitchens. Futhermore there are shared kitchens in the Guesthouse Oyambre and in the Guesthouse Los Llaos.

The nearest supermarket and shops are just in front of the Camping El Rosal. Following are the distances from the other accommodation:

There are restaurants close to all accommodations (500 m maximum). All accommodation do not offer lunch or dinner, but in the Hotel Gerra Mayor, the Hotel Los Trastolillos and the Guesthouse Granada breakfast is served. And in high season (Mid-July to end of August) Hotel Gerra Mayor organizes barbecue evenings.


Do I have to bring blankets or towels?

In all Hotels and Guesthouses there are blankets and towels. In the Bungalows and apartments of the Camping El Rosal there are blankets, but you have to bring towels.



Do you have any jobs?

To guarantee a consistent highest quality of my surf lessons I intentionally keep my surf school small. Therefore surfnsoul.com is an one-man business with a maximum of 6 people at the same time in the water. So I don't need any help. Anyway, thank you for your request.


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