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Fear in surf

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Going into the sea for the first time in your life you realize that waves are not as small as in your swimming pool?

Or everything reminds you of a very unpleasant experience in your past? A friend has dragged you into the surf course but you're not quite sure if you really want to learn it? It is true that you want to get to the peak of the wave but it seems that the god of the sea has other plans? You really want to surf but today (and yesterday and tomorrow) it's too hot, too cold, too cloudy, the wave is not perfect enough or "exceptionally" you're not in shape?

What surf teacher does not know these situations. The fear in surf can be expressed in very different ways. Some are psychological: The question "Of what am I really scared?" offers a good opportunity to better understand and facilitate fear itself to overcome it. In sport usually appear different kinds of fear: fear of injury, fear of losing orientation, fear of powerlessness in a situation, fear of failure and fear of ridicule.

For both, the student as well as the surf teacher it is very difficult to distinguish between different forms of fear. So in theory it is not always easy to recognize how scary it is. But what is certain is that any fear blocks the mental processes, including learning processes and can lead to inappropriate reactions. It is therefore wise to avoid the appearance of fear. Some tips to achieve this:

Before surf holiday

  • Familiarize yourself with the water and get in shape by swimming, diving and jumping into the water.
  • Find out about security issues in the surf, the theory of waves and currents.
  • Start surfing with serenity. Do not take the thing too serious or too ambitious or you'll overblow.

Familiarize with the waves

  • Start off the board where you can stand and have fun and experiment in the waves.
  • Where I have to be so that the wave does not make you lose your balance?
  • Where the current is in front and behind the wave?
  • What is the best technique for passing over waves?
  • What is the best way to dive into waves, just below the surface, deep or halfway?
  • When is the best time to dive into waves?
  • Try to swim with the wave and let it take you a little while.

Try not taking the thing too seriously

"From a fun swim to surf" is the optimal approach. Falling is part of surf and you can even indulge in it. Enjoy a moment to float like a fish underwater and amazed by the beauty of sunlight entering the water gently while you slowly re-emerge.

Each surfer has started like this!

Just in your group there are many professional water polo players who every winter also go to snowboard ... and if you are still asking yourself why they still need a surf course ... Do not worry! And do not constantly ask if you want to make a good impression on others. Each has its own pace!

And the other members of the surf course group will even like you if people don't ask you to sign autographs on the beach ...


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