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For beginners and intermediates the best board is a Malibu (length according to your weight: 7'3'-8'4''-8'4')'. This way you can easily catch the waves. It's quite stable and not as hard to handle as a longboard, and it's also easier to reach the line up, i.e. the area where you catch the waves.

Surfboard type MALIBU by Full & Cas · SURF SCHOOL "surfnsoul.com"

When you know how to ride along the wall of the wave with the Malibu you can change to an Evolution (length according to your weight: 6'9'-7'4'').

Surfboard type EVOLUTIVA by Full & Cas · SURF SCHOOL "surfnsoul.com"

The shortboard is only for experts. If you switch to a shortboard too early, you are holding yourself back - no matter how much better looking and lighter it is. There are shortboards with very different properties. Before buying a shortboard, it is advisable to inform yourself well.

Surfboard type SHORTBOARD by Full & Cas · SURF SCHOOL "surfnsoul.com"

Surf wetsuits

The wetsuit protects you from the cold. The thicker it is - the warmer it is. From a water temperature of 20°C you can surf with a 3/2, i.e. a thickness of 3 mm on the trunk and 2 mm on the sleeves and legs. Below 14ºC you should use a 5/4/3 mm. In between these two temperatures or if you want one wetsuit for the whole year, I recommend a 4/3 mm.

Participants of a surf course in a surf wetsuit · SURF SCHOOL "surfnsoul.com"


A must-have accessory is the leash. This is the name given to the rope that attaches the board to your ankle, so that you can retrieve the board as soon as possible in case it escapes from you. Furthermore, to avoid slipping off the board, you need either traction pads on your board or you need to put surf wax on your board before each use.

A good surf school, such as Surf School "surfnsoul.com", always provides its students with the complete equipment, already included in the price of the lessons.

Female surf student with surfboard and leash attached to ankles · SURF SCHOOL "surfnsoul.com"

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