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Basic - learn how to surf better

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Now we continue ...

You already know ...

  • how to paddle for the broken waves
  • more or less how to stand up on the surfboard
  • how to surf a broken wave standing up for a couple of meters

    Still too difficult? Then look at Beginner - learn how to surf ...

In the course "Basic – learn how to surf better" you learn ...

  • how to perfect your paddling for the broken waves
  • how to perfect your technique to stand up on the surfboard
  • how to surf broken waves until the shore

"is true that I have been in a surf school before and that I can stand up on my surfboard, but after a few meters I lose the wave or my balance ... "

At my surf school there have been many students who had learned how to surf on their own or had already done a course at a surf school, but after standing on their boards for a few meters still lost the wave or their balance. Normally they have caught on to bad habits based on their reflexes when standing or moving on the ground, and these unconscious movements are very difficult to change given how many there are of them …

During the course Basic - learn how to surf better of the surf school Wellenreiten lernen in Spanien · surfnsoul.com you learn how to overcome these problems. For this, I first look for errors that are relevant in your case, that is, to place an individual analysis of your current level.

Based on this analysis, together we develop the techniques that still does not work well, for example, it is very typical that the technique of paddling for the wave is not perfect and efficient enough. Often you also have to improve the movement of standing up on your surfboard. Also very important, and rarely taken into account, the vertical balance of the surfboard in order to catch the wave whilst paddling as well as surfing when standing up.

Once you control all that is mentioned on this page, you have all that is required to surf broken waves until the shore ...

You already know all of this? Then look at Advanced - making you an expert

What are you waiting for??

Safety note: Also at risk are those who surf on their own without having altogether accomplished the contents of the Beginner and Basic Course.


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