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The first steps from scratch ...

  • You want to learn how to surf
  • This is your first time in a surf school
  • You have none or little experience in surfing

In the course "Beginner – learn how to surf" you learn

  • about surfing equipment
  • the most important about safety in surf
  • how to fall off the board safely
  • how to paddle to catch broken waves (the foam)
  • how to stand up when you catch a wave
  • how to surf your first small broken wave standing
Boy surfing his first standing wave · Surf School ""

"I’d like to learn how to surf, but I’ve never tried it before. Nor do I have any experience with waves or sea currents. Can I participate in one of the surf courses?"

Sure you can do a surf course! Many of my students had never even touched a surfboard before taking the surf lesson … You don’t need any experience to start learning how to surf because the surf course starts from scratch

Female student trying to stand up for the first time · Surf School ""

At the surf school Surf School "" you first learn about the surf equipment and important safety rules. After that you hit the water! With a series of exercises based on sport science for rapid progression: You start by catching the wave with the surfboard in front of the wave, lying down on the board. Then you learn how to paddle for a wave without nailing the top of the board as you try to stand. First you will learn the technique needed for standing up on the board, on the beach.

At last, everything is set for the water: Take the wave – standing up – surf … without a doubt the most difficult step in learning how to surf, but together we can do it!

When you have mastered all these techniques, you are ready to learn how to surf a broken wave straight to the beach ...

When do you want to learn to surf with me?

You already know something about surfing? Then look at Basic - Surf better

Girl surfing her first standing wave · Surf School ""

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