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I am currently on a sabbatical until the end
of March 2023.

During this period
I will not answer no requests!

I will set the surf course dates
in April 2023.

Female student in the surfing course of the SURF SCHOOL ""

All surf courses with personalised coaching

Beginner · Intermediate · Advanced · Crack (from 6 to 70+)

In all prices of the surf courses of Surf School "", the complete surf equipment and a liability and accident insurance are already included during the surf lessons !!!

Of course you can also combine the following surf courses. The total price depends on the sum of the course hours.

Private surf lessons

Dates will be set in April 2023 Start · End Price / person
Maximum: 4 people
Minimum: 2 people
who sign up together
Monday - Friday
350 € / 10 hrs
ONE-TO-ONE-SURF-LESSONS 500 € / 10 hrs


Surf courses in small groups (max. 6 people)

Dates will be set in April 2023 Start End Duration Price / person
1 WEEK each Monday Friday 10 hrs 169 €
20 hrs 299 €
2 WEEKS Friday of the 2nd week 20 hrs 299 €
40 hrs 549 €


Putting on and taking off the wetsuit and the transport of the surfboard from the parking to the beach and vice versa form part of the surf course timetable.

Help: 10 hours is enough or is it better to do 20 or more?

There are great differences between individuals on how much time one needs to learn how to surf the first waves standing. Most surf course participants learn in 10 hours how to paddle for the wave, to stand up and to keep standing a few meters. After 20 hours a lot of beginners already succeed in surfing broken waves until the shore. So it's definitely advisable to do at least a 20 hours surf course! Please bear in mind that surfing on your own without first learning the complete BEGINNER and BASICS programme is accociated with an increased risk.

Can I also combine several surf courses?

Of course you can also combine several surf courses. The total price depends on the sum of the surf course hours. If you want to book several surf courses select the first one in the registration form and indicate then in the field "Notes / questions" all the other surf courses, that you want to book.

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